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Propeller shaft bearings

Reliability, long wear life and strong technical support have made Thordon the first choice for seawater lubricated propeller shaft bearing solutions. Thordon´s pollution free propeller shaft bearings are easily installed in conversion or new build applications.

Thordon Bearings is mounting easily in reparations and new construccions

Thordon Bearings, a pioneer in the development of pollution free bearing designs, offers a variety of choices of seawater lubricated propeller shaft bearing systems for all water conditions. Opend, seawater lubricated bearing options include Thordon COMPAC; River touth, SXL and XL; each offering specific advantages for different water wnvironments and operating conditions.

With ovr 35 years of experience Thordon has solid references in over 2000 marine propeller shaft bearing applications. Thordon bearings are used by over 40 Navies and Coast Guards around the world.