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Propeller shaft bearings systems

Thordon offers several proven propeller shaft bearing options each offering specific advantages in different water environments and operating conditions.


For blue water operation, COMPAC propeller shaft bearing systems have been in use for over 25 years fitted to many of the worlds Navies and Coast Guards including these classes: MEKO, T-AKE, Halifax, ANZAC, Sovremenny, Sigma, Barosso, Talwar and Famous. COMPAC elastomeric polymer bearings offer the best combination of strength/stiffness and flexibility/elasticity. Typically installed at 2:1 L/D ratio for AFT bearing and 1:1 L/D ratio for FWD position – depending on design pressures and operating profile. The COMPAC system typically includes COMPAC bearings, shaft liners, a Water Quality Package, Thor-Coat shaft coating and a forward seal.

Thordon's Water Quality Package ensures a steady supply of relatively abrasive free water to both the forward seal and bearings.

The Thor-Coat propeller shaft coating provides corrosion protection against seawater. This toughened, 2-part epoxy coating is up to nine times more flexible than existing shaft coating products.

Over 700 water lubricated propeller shaft bearing installations, and comprehensive bearing wear data recorded, continue to prove that Thordon COMPAC bearings provide the lowest overall life cycle operating costs and increased propulsion system reliability.

Compac bearing benefits for navy & coast guard ships

  • Low friction
  • Low acoustic signature
  • Low speed operation
  • Reduced docking frequency
  • Longer bearing wear life
  • Typical 3-4 year life cycle extended
  • Tapered key allows for easy bearing inspection without shaft withdrawal
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Survivability (non-catastrophic failure mode)

RiverTough - for abrasive water

Thordon RiverTough propeller shaft bearings operating in combination with hard coated nickel-chrome-boron sleeves are specially formulated to provide superior wear life in very abrasive water conditions and have proven their ability to last at least twice as long as rubber bearings. The U.S. Navy is currently using Thordon RiverTough in their 1600 Class Landing Craft Units (LCU’s).







SXL and XL - for various operating profiles

SXL and XL offer unique differences relating to friction, hydrodynamic operation and resistance to third particle abrasive wear which can be used to determine the best bearing for your vessel operating profile.